All you need to know about Touchland

Questions regarding the Hand Sanitizing Solution

The active ingredient is Isopropyl alcohol for all the Touchland® formula and not ethyl alcohol like in most common hand sanitizing solutions. Using Isopropyl alcohol is a much more cleaner and effective way of hand sanitizing.

Most of our competitors accomplish the mission of disinfection but not the hydration. However, the magic of Touchland® formula is that it includes a potent emollient complex that will not only re-moisturize the skin but makes your hands smoother and protects during increased use!

No. Alcohol should be a non-allergenic product.

No. Unlike the alcohol-based gel products, the emollient penetrates deep into the pores, totally eliminating any negative, sticky residue on the surface of the skin.

Touchland® is a premium quality, hospital-grade solution which has a water-like consistency for a superior rinse, surface coating and skin penetration effect, leaving no sticky residue. Gel-based sanitizers are common, drugstore products which employ thick gel as their base. The gel itself can interfere with the alcohol/germ contact, reducing the killing efficacy and leaving the hands with sticky residue. Further, the long contact time in the case of gels and anti-bacterial soaps may allow germs to develop a resistance against these products.

The REFEEL for the KUB contains approximately one liter (1,000ml) enough for up to 1,500 doses. The Kub2go contains 38ml of sanitizing liquid enough for 585 spray usage. One dose should contain 2-3 sprays depending on the size of your hand therefore a Kub2go should be enough for up to 195 doses.

Yes. Each Touchland® solution has a shelf life of 24 months after openning. (PAO 24 Months)

A single standard hand wash will range between 10 and 20 euro cents per wash, depending on the cost of all components required (hot water, soap, paper towels and time). No such components are needed when using Touchland® and therefore it reduces the cost of a more effective and true sanitizing hand wash.

No. Labeling laws do not yet require sanitizer manufacturers to define their effectiveness, except in a very broad and general way. Therefore, any product which contains alcohol as an ingredient can make the 99.99% claim. The truth is, there are huge variables which determine the true killing efficacy, such as: solution contact time, effectiveness of coating the hand surface, evaporation time, type of alcohol, effects of nonalcohol ingredients on killing power, lab tests in vitro (test tube) vs. in vivo (on live skin). Different microorganisms/viruses respond differently to various hand sanitizers with regard to the speed and efficiency that they can be killed. Hand sanitizers are not all created equal. Touchland® solutions are designed at the molecular level to kill a broad range of microorganisms quickly and effectively, while keeping hands moisturized and protected.

Remember: the alcohol is the active ingredient, so when you detect it, the killing effect is taking place. Our wide variety of Fragrances such as Strawberry, Mint, Aloe Vera, Vanilla Cinnamon, Lavender & Citrus are formulated to virtually eliminate the alcohol odor during use.

Questions about Scientific Studies, Safety and Regulations

Although the list is quite long, a few of the more prominent ones would be MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staph, Hepatitis A & C, Norwalk virus, SARS, Noro virus and all common cold and flu-causing bacteria and viruses.

Yes. The CDC hand hygiene guidelines recommend alcohol-based sanitizers to replace soap and water as the primary tool for hand disinfection in all health care settings, unless the hands are visibly soiled (blood, debris, or pertinacious matter).

There are never guarantees against getting sick. Since 80% of infectious diseases (colds, flus,viruses) come from tactile exposure, the more germ-free the hands, the lower the probability of bringing these microorganisms into the body. Some of our customers have reported dramatic declines in the frequency of annual colds, flus and viruses. Hand sanitizing with Touchland® is one of a number of things you can do to lower your risk.

Yes. Most children learn quickly when shown by an adult how to properly sanitize their hands. Like all alcohol-based products, Touchland® should only be used by children old enough to learn the proper usage and keep the solution out of their mouths. Our products are used widely in daycare and elementary school settings.

EVERYBODY: from businesses to homes and from professional to personal usage. Our products are designed to be placed & used in all kind of environments. We count with customers from all sectors from Cruise Lines, Public Sector, Stadiums, Offices, Hotels or Restaurants. Also we count with many homes using our products to take care of their families.

Questions about the KUB Dispenser

The dispenser requires four “D” type alkaline batteries, which usually last about two years, or 50,000 washes. The dispensers can be set up for a hard-wire installation upon request.

Yes. The dispenser is preset at the factory to dispense approximately 0,7ml of solution, which coats the average adult-size hand. Dosage levels are preset at the factory, but can be easily adjusted upon request.

There is a two-year limited warranty. Since the system is based on gravity dispensing, there are no moving parts in the dispenser that push or squeeze the solution out. Unlike our competitors, our plunger is housed inside the solution bag; each time you replace a solution bag, you change the only moving part in the system.

It is easy. Change batteries every two years, or after approximately 50,000 washes, and change the refill cartridge when the last drop is gone.

The KUB dispenser is engineered to help you know what’s going on with the device. When you use it, a white light will show up on the frontal hand logo communicating you that the KUB is dispensing properly. When you detect a red light on the frontal hand logo, it will mean that the Dispenser has to be maintained. There are 2 possibilities about the Red light: or the batteries are running low OR the refill is finished; open the cover of the KUB and check what is the reason of it and make sure to replace it.

It is the first dispenser that incorporates a tray on it. Why? It’s very simple: we avoid that any kid can place the head under it or that any liquid solution missing can fall on the floor. Also the tray has been carefully designed to help anyone understand how to use the dispenser when they see it for the first time.

Yes, under request any company can customize with the corporate logo & specific color the dispensers.

For security reason: to assure the highest disinfection level to our users, Touchland® accomplishes all the healthcare standards about disinfection, that’s why our Refeel cartridges includes a memory so anyone can’t refill with any other liquid inside of it.

NO. We have selected the best anti-corrosive materials to develop our dispensers & make sure that it remains the same quality and aspect than when you buy it. Since alcohol is a corrosive substance, most of our competitor’s dispensers become dirty and corroded with time. The KUB is timeless product that you will enjoy a lot of years.

Outside the Bathroom. It’s designed to be placed in places where people pass by so you don’t have to go to the bathroom to sanitize your hands. You can do it on the go, so any reception, hallway, meeting room, dining room, entrance of a hall or an entrance of your house.