Social Responsible Companies

Corporate social responsibility is the way a company is reducing the effects it causes to the environment during its every day operation. Companies are a powerful enough tools to make beneficial changes to the environment if they are willing to. The availability of natural resources are decreasing day by day. We are running out of drinking water, but you and your company can do a lot to decrease your global footprint. Join our vision and use our products every day at your company to become a member of a social responsible community. More information we are at your disposal.


If you like our vision, our products and would like to do business with us, send us an email with info about yourself and what you’re looking for. We are open to connect with those who share our common values and understand the purpose of our mission. Our aim is to reach people with the mindset that they can really be part of a positive change and this not necessarily mean an extra cost for them. Be part of the Touchland community and share our common idea for a better future.


The social responsible You

We believe that with a socially responsible mindset huge changes can be reached. Not only companies are responsible for the way they act, You are also responsible of what You do every day. Washing hands five times a day requires ten liters of water, while this is the daily quantity for a group of people living in other areas of the Earth. Touchland is created to help these people. Read our blogs, follow us on our social media sites and share your experience with our products. Follow our stories and care about the people living in places where water is a scarce resource.


We are open and interested in everything you suppose, suggest, think. Tell us what is your experience with our products, what are those places you would like to see and use our products. It is important to us to further develop our products based on your experiences and ideas. If you see someone using our product give him/her a smile indicating that you are also care about your environment and health. You can always be sure that if you see a KUB at a company, let it be a cafe or a multinational company, it cares about you and the environment surrounding you. Share us what you consider important to know.



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    “Two things define you:
    Your patience when you have nothing & your attitude when you have everything”

    Andrea Lisbona – Founder and CEO of Touchland