The next generation of hand sanitizers

KUB, the innovative solution for corporates and homes and its little sister KUB2go, your smart hand care on the go has just arrived.

Touchland provides the first waterless handcare solution without sticky feeling

Discover what your hand needs every day

One product | Multiple opportunities

Travelmate | Promo Gift | Birthday Gift | Customizable

595 doses

Lasts 10x longer

Use it on the go

Modern lifestyle makes us live in a hurry all the time – we are always on the move We do not want you to worry about what you touch. Kub2Go gives you the freedom to continue living unforgettable experiences while taking care of your health & keeping your hands sanitized.

Whenever, wherever. It’s in your hands!

Smart solution for homes and businesses

Design | Innovation | Performance | Customizable | Application

KUB - Smart & Innovative handcare system


We have designed a new experience for you. Traditional hand sanitizers just fit their function. Touchland has thought about the looks. Combining technology and design we go way beyond to deliver the best experience. The elegance of the KUB allows you to place it anywhere – in your home and your office alike – without disrupting the atmosphere.

We are fully committed with the highest healthcare standards in order to create the most effective hand sanitizer that eliminates the germs from your hands. While other hand sanitizers deteriorate over time, have low dosage, and do not fully protect your hands, the Touchland KUB meets the European Standard EN 1500 (hygienic handrub) and remains a timeless product.

Touchland KUB is a smart saving device. Since it is more sustainable & it is a cheaper alternative to traditional hand washing, it helps you reduce costs both in your business and at home.

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